Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dash Snow 1981-2009.

On a sad note, this July 13, 2009 Dash Snow died of a drug overdose at the Lafayette House in New York City. I was never a fan of Dash Snow or his work but I feel that it is so sad that he became a product of the "art star" world and fell deeper into drug addiction until it over took his life.

Given his background in the de Menil art family he had tremendous resources to make great art and I never understood most of what he made. The only piece that I responded to was the book fort that he did for Rivington Arms a few years back. All opinion aside, it is sad to see such a young life ended and my condolences go out to his family and friends.


  1. oh that is sad, and i agree about this book fort, but now am curious about his other work, do you have a link to anything else?

    i should just google right? i'm kinda lazy.

  2. I know he did the "Fuck the Police" series. Framed Newspaper clippings of police brutality headlines with semen..Not my style. He also did Polaroid series of his tagging graffiti adventures while high..Sorta Nan Goldin style.