Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The decollage artwork of Mimmo Rotella.

Rotella's collage work and phonetic poems inspired by that of Kurt Schwitters sprouted up in Rome during the mid 50's independant of the Nouveaux Réalistes group from Paris which included Arman, Hains, Villeglé and Dufrêne which he later joined in 1960 once they discovered each other. Abstract expressionist in composition and appearance, one is reminded in these particular works from the 1950's/60's of the dynamics and color harmonies in the paintings of Clyfford Still. Rotella exhibited the 'torn poster' decollages for the first time in an exhibition entitled "Esposizione d'arte attuale" (1955). In 1960 he met De Kooning and Rothko in Rome.

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