Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fresh Produce. Robert Mars Oceania Cruise Lines Artwork.

I was recently commissioned by Oceania Cruise Lines (Thanks, Julia) to create two site specific pieces of artwork for their newest cruise ship, the Marina. They will hang in their Asian fusion restaurant called Red Ginger which serves Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine.

We were invited to go tour the ship and see the entire art collection which included Picasso, Meredith Pardue, Salvatore Principe, and many others. This was an amazing experience which included complimentary tasting menu lunch. The attention to detail in every aspect from the food to the grand staircases and chandeliers down to the comforters on the bed, no expense was spared. This is no ordinary cruise ship.

Thanks to Julia at DTR Modern and Bob Binder of Oceania Cruise Lines for their support.

To be impressed and learn more.

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