Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pop Art Show Peter Mars Images.

I thought I would start off my posting with images by the man that is making all of this happen, Peter Mars. I have been a fan ever since seeing his work at Pop International Gallery in New York some years ago. His playful use of color and strong iconography caught my attention but then there is so much more and every time you look at his work you see something new. In his own word:

“My art comes from things I see in everyday life. TV commercials, billboards, broken down gas stations,.. wallpaper, matchpacks. I like to have fun with art. My paintings are fun to make, and they usually put a smile on your face.  When I'm in my studio I feel joyful, like I'm a little kid again, making a mess, making lots of noise, and splattering paint everywhere. 
  A lot of the imagery I use comes from my childhood and the American popular culture that surrounded it. I loved TV shows like "Lost in Space" and "Fireball XL5". I particularly liked the robot on Lost in Space. I remember how thrilled I was when President Kennedy came on TV and promised us that soon we would each have our own personal robot. I remember how he said we were gonna have robots to do this and do that, and robots to walk the dog and everything ! I just couldn't wait to grow up so I could start to work with my robot. When that didn't work out I was sad. 

For more information on this amazing event go here.

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