Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mobil Oil Coin Operated Pegasus Ride.

I recently found an image of this very rare Mobil coin operated ride in a book on Gas Station Collectibles. It states that there were only 5 made for display at Mobil stations.

What an amazing collectors piece. I am pretty sure I will never see one in person but its nice knowing that it exists.


  1. I can't tell you how happy I am to see this. One of my earliest memories is of riding one of these (maybe this very one) at a filling station somewhere while my family was traveling. I spent the rest of my childhood, and even adulthood, looking out for another one. I had begun to think I had made the whole thing up. It's even more beautiful than I remembered. Thank you so much. Kevin Welch, Austin Texas

    1. If you like this check out Ride Guys, Inc. at

  2. Kevin,
    I wish I had the opportunity to ride the Flying Red Horse! I think the book said there were only 5 produced so it very well could be the one you rode. I'm glad I was able to make your day and keep your childhood memories alive.

  3. I have one. So, I know there's at least 3 for sure.

  4. I'll never forget the memory of riding The Flying Red Horse! My father took me to a gas station grand opening in the Tacoma, WA area in the 50's and I remember it like it was yesterday. Wish I had one!