Sunday, February 8, 2009

The artwork of Jay Kelly.

I have followed the work of Jay Kelly for a few years now. We have both shown at the same galleries in the past and I have always loved his work. Kelly's art combines multiple image collaged with contrasting type to evoke emotion. His words hint at the larger picture while his images are meant to tell the more intimate details of the story. He uses his own photography as well as printed material, paint and resin to create his art.

What I like best about his art is that there is a contemporary sensibility to it but there is also a nostalgic element that draws me in to read further into the pieces. His use of typography shows his roots of graphic design and I feel adds to the strength of his composition.

Kelly is currently showing at Phoenix Gallery in beautiful Park City, Utah.

You can see more of his work here and here.

"Quest (This will be the beginning)" 48" x 48"

"Mountain (Find your way again)" 24" x 24"

"Golden (From just above)" 24" x 36"

"Remember (I'm always here)" 24" x 24"

"Quest (Will not settle)" 45" x 36"

"History (A strong desire to)" 36" x 24"

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  1. Amazing work! Thanks for posting and introducing me to this artist.