Monday, February 9, 2009

The artwork of Richard Klein at Caran Golden Fine Art.

I recently went on a Chelsea art walk and came across the work of Richard Klein at Caran Golden Fine Art. This is a two person show with Julie Rofman.

Klein's newest body of work expands on his ongoing investigation of the physical versus the immaterial. Primarily utilizing found glass objects, beginning with his signature eyeglass lenses, the artist’s pallet has expanded from the purely optical to components such as ashtrays, jar lids, speakers. Strategically placed corporate logos bring an additional dimension to the conceptual depth of Klein’s work.

I was blown away by the beauty of Klein's sculptures. The way that they sit within the space and capture the light against the wall is stunning. My favorite piece in the show is "Transparency" which is the piece you are confronted with upon entering the gallery. The show runs through February 21, 2009 so there is still time to go see the works.

Caran Golden Fine Art website is here.


"Two Trains"

"Black Friday"


"Cataract II"

"Mantleform for R.M."

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