Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Peter Blake Gallery art opening for "There Here".

I am currently in a group show at Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA titled "There Here". The opening reception was March 5, 2009.

So much of what draws a viewer into a painting is the "sense of place" that the artist creates. We are reminded of our childhood home, cities we have traveled to, a particular sunset, and how the look of a landscape can remain with us for years. Each of the artists featured in the upcoming exhibit THERE HERE are masters of atmosphere and place, creating vistas that will draw you in and keep you there.

Please go check out the show as it features some great artists including Matt Condron, Jorg Dubin, Robert Ginder, Donnie Molls, Jeff Peters and many more.

You can see the gallery website here.

Robert Ginder

Matt Condron

Donnie Molls

Christopher Murphy

Jennifer Shaw

Robert Mars SOLD

Robert Porte

Jeff Peters

Jorg Dubin

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