Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The artwork of Randall Reid.

I recently purchased a piece of artwork by Texas artist, Randall Reid. This being the first purchase of art in a long while makes me very happy and I want to write about it.

Reid's work consists of small boxes made of recycled cut steel, vintage rulers and wood. To me these are archaeological pieces that speak of the history of the material and where it has been for the last few decades. The small details and how they relate to the overall piece of each work is what initially caught my eye but there is much more at stake.

To me they are pieces of American history. Without directly telling the story I get a sense of specific time and place. Reid's use of vintage rulers draw me in as well because of my fascination with numbers. In the end his pieces are solid and beautiful. His color use is bold and exacting to the story he is telling.

You can see more if his work here and here and here.

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