Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photorealism 101 and the artwork of Neil MacCormick.

Along with John Baeder (And a huge fan of his work) is Neil MacCormick. I came across his blog, titled Photorealism 101, and was inspired by his play by play story which intertwines his life as it relates to his art career. As artists we tend to feel alienated at times. We make work in the solitude of our studio and only after long hours, days and months does that body of work see the light of day and get the publics reaction. Every piece we make we have to question if it is correct and as we change out subject matter will people understand why and how we got to that point.

MacCormick shows with OK Harris. This is no small feat as Ivan Karp is a legendary figure in the New York art gallery scene and super critical in every respect. In MacCormicks' blog he recounts his many trips to New York to meet with Ivan and returning to Canada being asked for newer work, better work. Finally when all seems hopeless and life is at its lowest he gets a show at OK Harris in the hallway. After the opening night only selling 3 pieces he feels the show is a failure and returns to Canada. Ten days later MacCormick receives a call from Ivan Carp asking if he has any more work because all but one have sold. SInce then he has sold every piece that OK Harris has shown.

Neil MacCormicks' work is beautiful. He has done the neon signs in the past and then has moved on to a concept based on Edward Hoppers' depression era city landscapes. These works are amazing. The tell of the desperation of urban blight.
These works incorporate icons from the past mixed with modern day elements of graffiti.

You can see more of his work here and here.

His blog can be found here.

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