Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Southwest Roadtrip with my Diana Camera.

On a recent roadtrip through the Southwest I had a chance to test out my Christmas present from the wife...a Diana camera! I have several Holga's, an Olympus Pen ee split frame camera and the usual DSLR's so the Diana was new fun! My trip took me through 2 time zones, 4 states and over 2,200 miles. Here are a few of the photos from my travels.

The Diana operates in the same manner as the Holga. It takes medium format film and you get vignetting and light leaks. It has that 1970's photo quality minus the rounded edges. There are 3 focus settings and you have the option to keep the shutter open for long exposures. It's a great looking camera with its retro blue and black color.

Twin Arrows, Arizona

Twin Arrows, Arizona

Blank Sign, New Mexico

Blank Sign, Arizona

Motel Pool Yucca, Arizona

Teepee Motel Route 66, Holbrook, Arizona

Box Truck Gallup, New Mexico

Whiting Bros. Yucca, Arizona

Whiting Bros. Grants, New Mexico

Closed/Cerrado Winslow, Arizona

On the highway, Route 40, New Mexico

Double D Tires, Flagstaff, Arizona

For Lease Kingman, Arizona

Gas Mart, Holbrook, Arizona

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