Saturday, May 2, 2009

The artwork of Matt Condron.

Matt Condron and I are gallery mates at Peter Blake gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. Condron will be showing in September of this year and I will show the following month. Peter Blake moved his operations this past October to accommodate the larger gallery space which was designed by architect Anders Lasater.

Condron's work has a photorealistic quality to it but also deals with light in a way that would make Edward Hopper proud. His subject matter is familiar territory to me. He captures that west coast circa 1960's / 70's era but in its modern state. Lonely diners and laundromats void of people. Rich in color and soaked in light and shadow he tells the story of exactly how the space feels. He tells of the solitude and quiet moments.

Condron's work focuses on the mid-century chairs that adorn airports, laundromats and diners with their multiple colors significant to that era. Reds, turquoise and oranges that give a sense of a more playful time, prior to corporate takeovers and cookie cutter architecture.

Condron's work is a detailed cataloguing of icons from America's past that are quickly fading.

You can see more of Condron's work here and here.

"Aberdeen storefront" 40" x 60"

"whittier Blvd, evening" 50" x 70"

"Temple for the regulars" 34" x 24"

"Cafe at the crossing" 34" x 24"

"From the ground up" 34" x 24"

"Seaside laundromat" 30" x 40"

"Cleared for takeoff" 60" x 40"

"Fall occupany" 40" x 60"

"Yellow and green seats" 32" x 49"

"The west is the best" 70" x 48"

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