Friday, June 5, 2009

The artwork of Dan Ness.

When I lived in Portland I used to show at the Compound Gallery. One of the group shows had a piece by Dan Ness. I still remember that piece as standing out from the others in the show. He had a unique and interesting vision of the world in his artwork.

Ness' art draws reference from the likes of Robert Rauschenberg in its layering and transfer methods, and Andy Warhol in its pop sensibilities but It also has a modern feel to it that holds my interest. Ness' work follows no formula so it tends to stay away from getting stale and predictable. His approach to color (or lack of in some instances) tells more of the story. Sometimes using solid blocks of bright color and sometimes sectioning of the canvas with color blocking.

You can see more of Ness' work here and here.

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