Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The artwork of Dave Kinsey.

Dave Kinsey has always been on my art radar. While working in the skateboard industry from 1996-2001 he was one of the bigger names for designers who also had a career in fine art along with Shepard Fairey and Evan Hecox. I was fortunate to be living in Portland when he had a show at the Compound Gallery and then Basil Hayward Gallery in 2002 and was able to snatch up a piece of his art.

Kinsey has been very active in the gallery scene over the past few years and his style has matured as it progressed from his graphic roots replacing it with expressive brushstrokes and less structure while remaining true to his bold color palette of reds and blacks. The result is quite amazing. Kinsey still has touches of typography and his trademark characters that defined his style in the earlier years of his career but has added a new element of abstraction that fits his style perfectly.

You can see more of his work here and here.

"The Best Intentions" 54" x 42"

"The Audacity Of Hopelessness" 68" x 88"

"Terminal Solipsism" 40" x 30"

"Straight No Chaser" 61" x 46"

"Or Nothing At All" 30" x 30"

"Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru (Three Monkeys)" 46" x 34"

"Losing Faith" 46" x 34"

"Duality" 46" x 34"

"Desecration" 26" x 20"

"Consumer Comfort for Your Pain and Suffering"48" x 24"

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