Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pop Art Show Rodney White Images.

One of the best things about group shows is being introduced to new, inspiring artists. Although we both live in New York, Rodney White and I have never crossed paths until now and he has a new fan. Rodneys' work is beautiful and focuses on type inspired by old advertising and labeling but utilizes quotes to tell a story. His weathering technique and texture makes his look complete. I am excited to do  a studio tour and see the pieces in real life.

A short quote from Rodney about his inspiration:
When he was six, Rodney White found a box of scrap paper in the back of a kindergarten classroom. The rest is history. His work, is a hybrid composition of the things he loves – typography, numerology, poetry and vintage advertising – all set to the tune of his own personal philosophy. "Being my best self."

You can see more of Rodneys' work here soon and here now.

Here is a link to the show.

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  1. Loving his work! Thanks for the introduction.