Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pop Art Show Syndy Zeigenfuss Images.

Last but not least for the Pop Art Show images is Syndy Zeigenfuss. Syndys' work has resonance with me in the use of her color, composition, and texture. Her colors hold a special place for me and remind me of my youth. The reds and ochres are just perfect. At times her work reminds me of Joseph Cornells picture boxes. I am excited to be showing with such a talented group of artists that all have an original point of view.

Here is a short bio from Syndy:

Syndy Zeigenfuss combines multiple materials, found objects and a unique layering process, which adds a depth of emotion that evokes both familiarity and mystery.  Syndy has an intrinsic ability to seamlessly fuse ordinary images and sensibilities into the extraordinary, where the non-essential becomes essential and the abandoned, embraced.

You can see more of Syndys' work here.

Pop Art Show info here.

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