Thursday, May 27, 2010

The photography of Brian Kelley.

Living in New York I often meet some of the most talented people in their chosen field and never even realize until I get linked up to them on the computer. One such photographer is Brian Kelly, or BK as I know him. We met at Zoo York awhile back and I knew he was a photographer but never of his amazing talent. BK's photos are not your ordinary skate photos, they are so much more. He takes into account all of the small details as well as the large ones. His colors, settings, lighting, and composition all play an important part of what he shoots and the results are original and inspiring.

BK's clients include some of the best including Nike, 5Boro, HUF, 12 Oz. Prophet and Red Bull.

You can see more of his work here.


  1. You write such a beautiful blog! Thank you! I just spent an hour being inspired and I will definitely be back! Happy long weekend!!!

  2. I have alwasy liked Brian's work, good looks on this these are amazing shots!