Saturday, August 1, 2009

The artwork of Michael Jenkins.

Australian artist Michael Jenkins recently contacted me regarding my artwork. Upon following a link to his site I was immediately attracted to his art. Jenkin's work resonates with similar compositional structures to Rosalie Gascoigne who I wrote a post on last month.

Lately I have been focused on abstract work made from recycled materials, mostly metal. Michael's work uses recycled, weathered wood to make solid compositions. Each work is a unique historical expression, be it from reconstructed road signs, beach bathing box timber, World War 11 artillery boxes or recycled building materials from a bygone era.

It is always nice to find mutual admiration from artists all over the world who share similar ideas about their work. Thanks to Michael for contacting me and exposing me to his artwork.

You can see more of Michael's work here and here.

"Ned" 120cm x 120cm

"Ned and Dan" 157cm x 76cm

"One Way Or Another" 182cm x 90cm

"Half Moon" 204cm x 72cm

"Blue Sky Mining" 60cm x 68cm

"Six Ocanuis" 120cm x 70cm

"Windjammer" 59cm x 70cm

"Swepps" 108cm x 50cm

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