Monday, August 24, 2009

Childhood artwork.

Here are a few pictures that I made as a child. You can see my early influences of Superheroes, Star Trek, Motorcycles, and
Hot Rods. I will title them as I think they would have been titled as a child.

Enjoy! More to come as I scan them.

"Teamwork (Unity is spelled with a "U" and an "I")"

"Children..stop this fighting or there will be no ice cream after dinner"

"Bitchin Camaro"

"Sit Ups at the Dojo"

"The last time I get my haircut there"

"Swim, Forest, Swim!"

"Denis Hopper on the super freak trip"

"This guys ears are pointy..and kinda cool"

"Teamwork 2 (Straight and Alert)"

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