Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Photography of Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

My interest in lighting always points me in new and interesting directions. I was recently turned on to the photographs of
Philip-Lorca diCorcia. diCorcia's dramatic use of lighting gives a twist to his expressionless, often lifeless looking characters
that he photographs.

DiCorcia alternates between informal snapshots and iconic quality staged compositions that often have a baroque theatricality.
Using a carefully planned staging, he takes everyday occurrences beyond the realm of banality, trying to inspire in his picture's spectators an awareness of the psychology and emotion contained in real-life situations. His work could be described as documentary photography mixed with the fictional world of cinema and advertising, which creates a powerful link between reality, fantasy and desire.

You can see more of his work here and here.

"W, March 2000, no. 14"

"Mario, 1978"

"Hartford, 1980"

"Brent Booth, 21 years old, Des Moines, Iowa $30"

"Eddie Anderson, 21, Houston,

"Mike Miller, 24 years,  Allentown, PA, $25"

"Ike Cole, 38 years old, Los Angeles, CA, $25"

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