Friday, August 21, 2009

New work by Randall Reid.

Over the past few months Randall Reid and I have been communicating back and forth about art, galleries, and life happenings. He has been kind enough to forward me jpegs of his newest work which is definitely some of his strongest to date.

These pieces incorporate more typography than some of his previous work. Partial words alluding subtle hints of where the recontextualized steel
originally came from. Rusted segments showing a long history of the elements effect on the steel and rich, bold colors that speak to a era of heavy lead based paints.

My favorite piece is "Codes" where Reid takes his recurring theme of rulers and makes them the main focus of the piece. Weathered wood rulers replace the steel normally used as the main ingredient in his work. This added to the small details make this piece visually stunning. My obsession with numbers and their meaning in society draws me to this piece specifically.

You can see more of Randall's work here and here.

"Codes" 7.25" x 7.25"

"Rs" 9.5" x 11.25"

"Do" 6.25" x 6.5"

"3.9 Acres" 13.5" x 12.5"

"Board Games" 9" x 9.5"

"Substitution" 6.75" x 6.75"

"One Eighty" 10.75" x 9"

"Industrial First Aid Kit" 10.5" x 10.75"

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