Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Artwork Of Robert Smith

While doing research on several artists I came across the work of Robert Smith. I felt an instant connection to his work because of his view of Americana and Route 66 culture. There is a calmness to his art that resonates with me. I am particularly drawn to his paintings of neon signs but not for the obvious reason that I am a fan of vintage neon. He takes them out of context by focusing only on certain parts of the sign. Smith gives the viewer just enough information to let you know what you are looking at but not all of the details. He concentrates on color. You can see the years of weathering from harsh sunlight. You can see the faded paint and the neon tubing. In "Americana" there are only a few bulbs left in the arrow of the sign indicating that it is in disrepair. One aspect that I appreciate is that he shows you neon in the daytime. I find it to be just as powerful as when it is lit in the dark night. Smiths themes bring back an Americana of yesteryear. A simpler time that we seem very nostalgic about in this current day and age. You can see more of his work here. You can buy prints of his work here and his blog.

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