Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paul Chojnowski Fire Paintings

I was introduced to Paul's work through my New York and Boston galleries. His work is much different than anything I have ever seen as he "paints" on watercolor paper and wood panel with a blowtorch. You can see Paul in action here.

Paul's work has a timeless quality about it. There is a haziness to his cityscapes that creates an air of mystery and seduction.

My favorite piece is the Chrysler Building from his Nocturne series. This one is on panel (Birch, I think) and you can see the woodgrain which adds depth to the piece.

You can see more of Paul's work here.


"Autumn Night"

"Dusk Hotel"

"Night Rhythms"

Times Square; 11:20 PM, 2008

"Split Second"

"Last Light"

"Approaching Storm"

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