Monday, January 12, 2009

Standard Hotel, New York.

If you travel the West Side Highway you may have noticed a beautiful building being constructed around 14th Street and 11th Avenue. It happens to be the new Standard Hotel, New York. I have stayed in both Standard Hotels in Los Angeles and they are more party spots than upscale hotels. The New York version seems to be a little more upscale. The first floor of the hotel is about 50 feet above the ground as it clears the tracks of the highline rail. I am sure it will still be a party scene as it resides in the trendy "meat packing district". Once famous for racks of animal carcass and prostitution, it is now the hot spot for being seen in your 2009 Rolls Royce. Regardless of the trend factor, I think it is the sexiest building in New York at the moment.

Above image borrowed from Flickr user

Above image borrowed from Flickr user

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