Monday, January 19, 2009

David Buckingham Studio, Los Angeles.

A few months back me and the wife took a trip up to Boston to see Jeff Schaller's show opening at Kidder Smith Gallery. We are both big fans of Jeff's work and have traded some pieces in the past. The next day we stopped by the gallery to have a second look at the work and Erika (Gallery director) was nice enough to show us the back room which houses their back stock of works. They had just received a beautiful piece by David Buckingham named "6055 Sunset Boulevard" which was constructed from cut steel taken from old, rusted cars in the Mojave Desert. This piece left a huge impact on me so I searched out his site to see his other work and I was not let down.

Buckingham's work employs the use of language. He uses famous quotes from movies, famous guns from television and infamous guns from history and statistical charts but constructs them out of old road signs, rusted car parts and industrial metal scraps. He is a welder, No paint is ever used in his work.

You can also see Buckingham's work here and here.

Failure To Communicate

Penal Code

Son Of Sam

Mark David Chapman

Officer Christine Labriola

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