Thursday, January 8, 2009

Route 66 of Oregon. Interstate Avenue.

For 4 years I lived in Portland, Oregon while I worked for adidas. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful city to live in. Amazing restaurants, great concert venues, the best skateparks in the U.S...and all the parks are free! One of my favorite spots in Portland was Interstate Avenue. It's an area straight from the 60s and mostly unchanged. Motels run the length of the street and it is littered with old neon signs just like a slice of Route 66 placed into the Pacific Northwest. It finally started changing over the past few years to make way for the light rail and new condominiums. One fatality of the condo boom was the Crown Motel. I read that the neon sign was taken away for restoration. My favorite sign from Interstate is the Palms Motor Hotel sign. It's perfect in every way. The neon is still working and is multiple colors. In the day the sign is just as colorful as at night. Portland...Please spare this sign the same fate as the Crown Motel!


  1. did you take these pictures? they're like, perfect. O.o

  2. Yes, I did take the photos! I am glad you like 'em!