Friday, January 16, 2009

Muscle Car Ranch, Chickasha, Oklahoma

My last road trip was through Oklahoma to photograph Route 66 in all of its glory. While researching different areas I came across the Muscle Car Ranch website. As I browsed through the site I realized that I had to go pay a visit. I called and talked to Curtis Hart, who owns the property, and arranged a time to come see his collection of vintage cars, motorcycles and neon signs. Chickasha is about 35 minutes south of Oklahoma City and an easy drive.

Curtis has maintained hundreds of old neon signs, tin signs and vintage muscle cars and motorcycles since the 80's on his 70 acre ranch. Some of the featured landmarks are 100’s of signs from our countries past 75 years. There is a Body By Fisher Napoleonic Coach sign at our main entrance, the only two left in the world are here at the ranch, a 30 foot porcelain neon Chevrolet Bow Tie sign, of which only 4 were made for GM, both are porcelain and from the early 40’s. The huge Clock Inn Motel sign from Route 66 in OKC, at 4000 pounds and 15 foot across, it is a huge clock and pendulum swings from side to side. The Patio Charcoal Hamburger Sign From NW 50’th and Classen in OKC stands 50 feet above a Chickasha land mark, Brees Diner which was in operation in the 40’s across from the Oklahoma College for Women, now nestled in the cottonwoods at the back of the first 40 acres.

Every year Curtis holds a swap meet/concert where you can come find parts for your vintage car and see some amazing bands play live in his Trail Boss Amphitheater. Past bands include the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, The Lovin’ Spoonful and Bad Company.

I spent about an hour photographing as much as I could and then hung out and talked with Curtis for awhile about his collection, his lame neighbor and other interesting things. If you are in the area you should definitely say hello and see his amazing collection from America's past.

Muscle Car Ranch Website

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